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OPC Recommended Actions to Support

  • Urgent!

    REVOKE Nuclear Waste Storage Permit at San Onofre -The California Coastal Commission wrongly issued a permit to PG&E to store nuclear waste at the failed San Onofre Nuclear Power plant in thin walled, inadequate storage canisters. Please sign this petition to the California Coastal Commission.

  • Action Alert! -Information and Petition to California Coastal Commission to recall and replace San Onofre's defective thin-wall nuclear waste canisters with proven thick-wall transportable storage casks. "The San Onofre Holtec system is a lemon."

  • Urgent!

    Tell CAL-FIRE Not To Log The Jackson Demonstration State Forest

  • Tell your state legislators: Support a statewide ban on the worst single-use plastics...

  • Action Alert! -Petition the EPA to stop blocking Fracking Investigations

  • Action Alert Ban Fracking petition to ban fracking in California.


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