About the Ocean Protection Coalition

The OPC is a grassroots non-profit organization, formed over thirty-five years ago to oppose offshore oil and gas development on the Mendocino Coast.

Our mission statement: “To protect the ocean, and all life therein.”

Since our founding, the coast and oceans worldwide have faced increasing challenges from many fronts. Locally, energy industrialization, privatized MLPA ocean zoning, and high-powered Naval sonar “training,” have dominated the news. More broadly, Fukushima, the ever-looming oil and gas interests, drag-trawl and factory fishing just over the horizon, and recently announced seismic survey plans off earthquake-prone California coastal nuclear power plants - are all areas of concern.

On a global level, climate change, rising sea-levels, ocean acidification, plastic trash gyres, pollution, seismic testing, navy sonars, over fishing, whale and porpoise hunting - the list is endless. All these and many more form complex array of issues, threatening the health and safety of individuals, communities - and the ocean itself.

This website is here to help provide links and information in the ongoing battle both local and far away - to protect the ocean, fishes and fisheries, marine mammals, birds, plants, animals and human on the North Coast communities and abroad.


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